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Underground Spirits Signature Gin

Underground Spirits Signature Gin

Underground Spirits
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Unique contemporary Australian Gin, all natural ingredients. Soft citrus and floral, herbaceous dry gin.

Setting out to create something unique, we have achieved this with our production processes and our botanical mix. Verified with multi award wins, the starting point of our Signature Gin lies with the highest quality wheat grain and juniper justly forward.

We only use all natural ingredients, we rely on our exceptional water quality, we distill with botanicals - all part of our developed meticulous process. Three stages: maceration, vapour infusion and tinctures are our technique for our Signature Gin with a body which can stand up in a cocktail, sing in a G&T and shine through a beautiful martini. Our botanicals are revealed, yet not any single one takes over the appealing flavour of the spirit.

This is our juniper forward gin that is unmistakably modern Australian. The core botanicals, juniper, coriander and angelica clinch the gin, while our selected noble native botanicals including lemon myrtle, river mint, Tasmanian pepperberry and locally-sourced sustainable basil, bringing the vibrant flavour to the spirit. Poppyseed, cinnamon and black pepper complete the structure. The nose of the gin has sweetness and subtly floral, the palette is delighted with soft citrus and fragrant tones underpinning the herbaceous gin qualities.

Distilled in Canberra and proudly Australian, our premium gins are ten times carbon filtered before we commence our cryofiltration process - our truly unique patented process. Extreme low temperatures combined with nano materials enable extraction of impurities never before imaginable. The result is premium spirits of unsurpassed purity and crystal clear clarity.

It is an offence to supply alcohol to a person under the age of 18 years. Penalties apply.